10 Great Blackstone Griddle Accessories for Cooking on a Blackstone Griddle

10 Great Tools & Accessories For Cooking On A Blackstone Griddle

You can make some fantastic food on the Blackstone griddle that you, your family, and your friends will love. There are many great tools and accessories to help your dishes come out their best or make the griddle cooking process easier and more efficient.

We’ve assembled this list of 10 of our favorite Blackstone griddle accessories. These will help you when cooking a variety of dishes from cheesesteaks to crepes and everything in between.

If you haven’t already, be sure to see our top 7 must-have griddles accessories and 8 more must-have griddle accessoriesHere’s our list of 10 great tools & accessories for cooking on a Blackstone griddle in no particular order.

1. Food Mover

A food mover is a large shovel-like scoop that is great for scooping large quantities of food around or off the griddle cooking surface. Its size and sturdiness allow it to hold large amounts of food. This is especially helpful when cooking up large and heavy dishes like fried ricefajitas, or stir fry. 

Spatulas will always be your primary cooking tool on your gas griddle, but this handy accessory can make things a lot easier for certain meals. There’s a handful of food movers for sale, but our favorite option is the Cuisinart Food Mover.

2. Meat Slicer

This might not be an obvious one, but a meat slicer can be a great tool for cooking on your griddle. One of the most popular dishes to prepare on a flat top grill is cheesesteaks, and the best way to make them is with fresh, thin-sliced ribeye steak. Thinly sliced meats are also perfect for stir fry dishes which are another griddle favorite. 

Trying to do this by hand will take more time, and likely won’t yield consistent cuts. There are many other types of meat you can slice thin and cook on the griddle beyond beef, such as chicken and pork. Using a meat slicer will have your meat prepped for the griddle at just the right thickness, and it can do so quickly and easily. 

3. Taco Rack

Gas griddles are a great way to cook large batches of tacos. You have the ability to cook the meat, vegetables, and tortillas all on the griddle. A taco rack is a perfect accessory when making tacos as it will hold your hard or soft taco shell in place as you add the meat and toppings. 

This avoids some mess and holds the tacos together, so they don’t fall apart. Because they are made of stainless steel, you can leave the rack right on the griddle top, keeping completed tacos warm.

Additionally, any food that falls out of the taco when building them will stay on the cooktop. If you have a model with hands, such as the Blackstone taco rack, you can take a tray of completed tacos directly over to the table to serve.

4. Griddle Caddy

This is our third article on griddle tools and accessories. If you missed the first two, check out our top 7 must have griddle accessories, and 8 more must have griddle accessories. There are so many griddle tools and accessories, and a griddle caddy makes storing them and transporting them so much easier.

When you’re ready to cook, you can grab the caddy and bring every tool you’ll need out to the griddle. They are also convenient for storing seasonings and paper towels.

Blackstone’s griddle caddy is nice because of its size, which allows it not only to hold a lot but large items like a basting dome. Griddle caddies can be a great convenience and may be worth purchasing if you have an ever-growing assortment of griddle tools and accessories.

5. Crepe Spreader

Crepes are a delicious thin pancake that can be sweet or savory, and a griddle is the perfect cooking tool for making them. If you’re making crepes on your griddle, you’re also going to need a crepe spreader as well. A crepe spreader is used to spread the batter into a very thin circle evenly. 

Crepes are a fun alternative to similar sweets like pancakes or French toast. A gas griddle allows you to make more than one at a time compared to a dedicated crepe maker. There are endless crepe recipe variations to try, and all you need in addition to your griddle is a crepe spreader. Also, be sure to see our lemon and honey crepe recipe!

6. Wind Guards

When cooking outdoors, you’re exposed to the elements. High winds disrupt the flames, which can make it difficult to get the griddle hot enough. It can also be difficult to heat the griddle sufficiently when it’s frigid outside. 

The solution for both high winds and cold temperatures is wind guards. Wind guards block the wind so that it can’t disturb the heating element flames allowing them to heat the griddle properly. They also help insulate, which can help bring the griddle temperature up, which is very helpful in cold weather. If you use your griddle in an area prone to high winds or low temperatures, these can be a lifesaver. 

7. Griddle Prep Cart

If you have purchased a smaller tabletop griddle like the Blackstone 17″PIT BOSS PB336GS, or Royal Gourmet PD1300, then you may need a convenient table to use it on. A griddle prep cart provides the perfect location for your tabletop griddle with the added convenience of food prep and storage space.

Even if you have a larger standalone griddle, the sheer amount of tools, accessories, seasonings, and oils you use can take up a lot of space. A griddle prep cart can provide the space to store everything out by the cooking area and give you a place to do food prep or serve completed dishes. 

If you have a tabletop griddle and/or are looking for a convenient place to store your tools, accessories, seasonings, and oils outside, then consider a griddle prep cart as an excellent solution.

8. Warming Rack

When cooking on a gas griddle, you have the luxury of cooking entire meals consisting of numerous dishes altogether. If you’re making a big breakfast of pancakesbaconeggs, and toast for a large group, you may cook the bacon first before moving on to the eggs.

Rather than let finished foods get cold, a warming rack will keep them warm while you finish other dishes. If you leave them on the griddle surface directly, they’ll continue to cook and will end up overcooked. The warming rack elevates them slightly, so they don’t continue cooking but still take advantage of the griddle’s heat. 

9. Griddle Tongs

Dual spatulas are your primary griddle tool, but there’s a ton of griddle-cooked foods that you’ll be better off using tongs for cooking. Bacon and sausages are just a couple of the common foods where tongs are the better tool to use over a spatula.
Using tongs allows you to grip foods rather than scoop and flip them giving you much great control while cooking. You can easily turn hot dogs and brats or take them off the griddle using a pair of tongs. I recommend using longer-length tongs for safety, keeping your hands further from the hot griddle surface.
There is no shortage of tongs available for sale. Just keep in mind if you happen to have an electric griddle like the Blackstone E-Series, you’ll want to get silicone tongs, so you don’t scratch the surface. If dealing with a Blackstone gas griddle, any brand or material will work great.

10. Instant Read Meat Thermometer 

Whether you’re cooking steaks, chicken, sausage, pork other type of meat on your griddle, an instant read meat thermometer can not only let you know it’s cooked just how you like it, but it can help prevent food born illness. 

Like your steak medium rare? The thermometer can quickly let you know what the internal temperature is. This will let you know whether it’s the right time to take it off or if it needs a few more minutes.

Food safety is another valuable benefit to the instant read meat thermometer. You can check and make sure that any meat your cooking is cooked past the minimum required temperature according to the USDA. This is especially helpful for chicken and ground beef which are more prone to causing food born illnesses if not cooked sufficiently.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 10 great Blackstone accessories to consider for your Blackstone griddle or alternate brand of flat top grill. 

If you’re just getting started with a new griddle or are about to buy one, definitely see our top 7 must have griddle accessories for the basic tools you’ll want to have. If looking for even more griddle tools and accessories, we have another great list of 8 more must have griddle accessories.

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