Review of the PIT BOSS 4 Burner Deluxe Griddle

The PIT BOSS Deluxe Griddle has arrived! PIT BOSS released the PIT BOSS 757GD Deluxe Griddle in March of 2020 and has been a well-received entry into the world of outdoor gas griddles and for a good reason.

This flat top grill is large and in charge with four different burners and a whopping 748 inch cast iron griddle surface. In this review, we cover everything you need to know about this flat top grill and provide you the pros and cons of the PIT BOSS Griddle Deluxe. Let’s take a closer look at the details and features you should know before deciding if this is the right gas griddle choice for you.

Design and Construction

This griddle is an upgraded version of the standard 4 burner PIT BOSS flat top grill. It’s powered by a 20 lb. propane tank, and the cooktop measures an impressive 748 square inches. 

It boasts four individual burners, which is great because it provides you with 4 separate cooking zones. Typically, you’ll cook multiple types of food on the griddle simultaneously, and you’ll want the flexibility to cook them at different temperatures. 

The PIT BOSS Deluxe Griddle has two folding side shelves, one on each side. The shelves double as a hardcover when folded in, which is nice as an after-market hardcover can cost over $100. When folded in, it protects the griddle surface and reduces the amount of space the griddle takes up when not in use.

Its 4 legs stand on caster wheels and can fold up, which allows for easier transportation (more on that later). The legs and wheels come pre-attached to the griddle, making assembly much easier than other flat top grills.

Unlike Blackstone griddles, the PIT BOSS Deluxe Griddle doesn’t rely on a battery-powered igniter to light the burners. A sparking mechanism is built into the machinery, so you never have to worry about replacing the battery.

Durability and Longevity

The PIT BOSS Deluxe Griddle came out in March of 2020, so it’s too early to tell if there are longevity problems; however, a few things are encouraging.

Like every other grill that PIT BOSS manufactures, this griddle comes with a 5-year warranty. This means that any manufacturing flaws are on PIT BOSS’s shoulders.

Though the griddle comes pre-seasoned, you’ll definitely want to season it yourself as well to create the protective non-stick coating needed truly. See our article on how to season your flat top grill for more details.

Cast Iron is incredibly durable, so that bodes well for this flat top grill’s cooktop. The other great thing about cast iron is it can always be salvaged, so even if it gets rusted, it can be fixed. 

Cooking Performance

We have to say that we loved the performance of this griddle. As I mentioned above, the PIT BOSS’s four individual burners let you cook what you want precisely how you want.

You can use high heat on one side to sear steaks while cooking some eggs at a lower temperature on the other side, all at the same time. You can also keep cooked food warm while you finish other items. 

The PIT BOSS Deluxe Griddle is capable of putting off some serious heat, so you may find yourself cooking on a low temperature setting a lot of the time. Overall, the cooking quality is excellent, and the heat is evenly distributed across the cooktop. It can handle anything you’d find yourself cooking on a flat top grill, from smash burgers to pancakes.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Like any other flat top gas grill, some cleaning and maintenance be required with the PIT BOSS Deluxe Griddle. The PIT BOSS comes with a convenient grease trap located in the front left corner, so dealing with scraps and excess grease is a breeze.

When you finish cooking, you’ll need to scrape off any excess oil and leftover food scraps still present. Use a scraper or spatula to push the remaining oil and food into the grease trap and then wipe down the griddle surface with paper towels. (Be sure to use tongs or heat-resistant gloves, so you don’t get burned.) 

If necessary, use water to loosen any tough, stuck-on food. Once the surface is cleaned, place a very thin coating of cooking oil on the griddle to protect it until next use. For more details, see our article on how to clean a flat top grill.

You’ll also need to protect it from the elements, so it does not rust. The built-in hard cover is a good start, but we highly recommend also using a soft cover if you’re unable to store the griddle indoors between cooks. 

Unfortunately, Pit Boss does not sell a soft cover made specifically for this griddle; however, there’s plenty of 3rd party options available that work just fine.


The PIT BOSS is relatively portable but less so than smaller griddles, understandably. The legs sit atop maneuverable caster wheels, which means you can roll the PIT BOSS Deluxe Griddle anywhere where the surface is flat.

PIT BOSS designers made the deluxe griddle with camping in mind so that these legs can be folded up. It takes a few minutes to remove a few screws with knobs, but once the legs are folded up, the griddle takes up much less space. The side-shelves are also foldable, making your flat top griddle quite compact and able to be loaded into a trunk or flatbed.

One sticking point to note is that the PIT BOSS Deluxe Griddle weighs in at a little over 100 pounds. Because of the weight and the fact that it’s fairly large, it’s definitely a 2-person job to move it when not using the wheels.

Pros & Cons

The PIT BOSS Deluxe Griddle is, as we want to make clear, an excellent griddle. Any outdoor cook, amateur or pro, would be happy to have this griddle in their arsenal. That said, there are some specifics to consider.

Specs & Features:

  • 748 square inch cast iron cooktop
  • 4.7mm thick griddle surface
  • Pre-seasoned with organic oil
  • Easily accessible front grease trap
  • Folding side shelves
  • Four caster wheels
  • Easy no-battery ignition


  • Large cast iron cooktop
  • 4 Cooking zones
  • Front access grease trap
  • Folding legs for transporting
  • Side shelves double as a built-in griddle lid


  • The grease trap doesn’t always catch everything
  • It can’t be converted to natural gas
  • More expensive than competing Blackstone model 

Final Thoughts

The PIT BOSS 4 Burner Deluxe Griddle is a great option when looking for a full-size 4 burner griddle. It’s an excellent alternative to the very popular Blackstone 36″ griddle if you like some of the PIT BOSS Deluxe features, such as the folding legs, front grease trap, and built-in hardcover.

If you want a flat top grill that can cook up delicious food for one person or as many as 8-10, the PIT BOSS Deluxe Griddle is an excellent choice. Once you buy your new gas griddle, the hardest part may be deciding what to cook on it first!

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