Complete Guide on How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle

Flat Top Grill Scraper Cleaning

Whether you have a Blackstone griddle or an alternate brand of gas flat top grill, its cooktop will get dirty each time you use it. It’s essential to know how to clean a flat top grill because the cooktop needs to be cleaned after each use. 

Proper cleaning after cooking will prevent damage and protect the griddle’s cooktop from rust and other deterioration. It also ensures you’re ready to go the next time you fire it up to cook.

One crucial housekeeping item to mention is that you do not use soap to clean your flat top, as this will remove the seasoning you’ve worked hard to build. Without the seasoning, the griddle is unprotected and won’t offer the nonstick surface you’re looking for.

The only time you use soap to clean your griddle is when you first unbox it and are about to do the initial seasoning. Let’s take a look at the cleaning process and keep reading for some helpful griddle cleaning tips.

Cleaning Your Flat Top Grill

Each time you finish cooking, you’ll want to clean the cooktop and apply a thin layer of cooking oil. Here’s what you’ll need to get the job done and keep your griddle in great condition.

What you’ll Need:


Step 1 – Clean

Set the burners to low and start by scraping the entire griddle surface using your scraper or spatula. Scrape all the remaining food bits and grease into the griddle’s grease trap. 

Flat Top Grill Scraper Cleaning

Squirt some water while scraping as needed to help loosen any stuck-on food. The steam created will help get any remaining food off.

Next, using heat-resistant gloves or tongs, wipe down the entire cooktop surface with paper towels or a cotton cloth. Use water as needed while wiping the cooktop to help remove any residue still present. 

Cleaning Blackstone Griddle With Paper Towels

Once the surface is free of food and excess grease, you can turn off the burners and proceed to the oil application step.

Step 2 – Oil

Now that the surface is clean, you’ll want to apply a thin layer of oil on the griddle cooktop. Take your cooking oil of choice and spread a very thin layer across the flat top using a paper towel or cotton cloth. 

Rubbing Oil On A Blackstone griddle

Ensure you coat the entire surface and keep the layer of oil you’re applying very thin. Leaving too much oil on the surface can lead to flaking, and other issues, so don’t use too much. If it looks like there is excess, use paper towels to absorb it.

Step 3 – Cover

To further protect your griddle, it’s strongly recommended you have a hard or soft cover and preferably both if possible. If you’re only going to use one, go with the soft cover over the hard. This will prevent dust and moisture from collecting on the griddle, which could cause rust or other damage. The more you can avoid the elements getting to the cooktop, the better.

Once the flat top cooking surface has cooled entirely, place the cover(s) on the griddle. Don’t forget to close the propane valve on the tank if you haven’t already. Now your griddle is clean, protected, and ready to go for the next cooking session.

If you can store your griddle in a shed, garage, or other covered areas between cooking sessions, that will also go a long way to protect your flat top grill.

Griddle Cleaning Tips

  • Use disposable grease cup liners and make cleaning out the grease trap quick and easy.
  • Don’t be afraid to use water. It really helps loosen stuck-on food and helps the paper towels absorb any remaining residue.
  • If you find your regular paper towels are leaving lint on the griddle cooktop, use blue shop towels instead.
  • You don’t have to clean your griddle immediately. It’s okay to enjoy your food while it’s hot and come back and clean your griddle after.

Optional Cleaning Tools/Kits

You may see cleaning tools or griddle cleaning kits for sale. These are unnecessary as you can complete the cleaning successfully with the list of items covered above in our cleaning instructions.

That being said, you may still find value in them and notice they do a better job than just a scraper, paper towels, and water alone.

Blackstone Griddle Cleaning Kit

Some of the tools you’ll see are scouring pads and pumice stones that help remove stuck-on food and grease from the cooktop.If it looks like a product you would use or make the process easier, please give them a whirl.

Final Thoughts

If you are consistent about cleaning and applying oil to your flat top grill after each cooking session, it will last you a long time. You’ll save yourself from the headaches of rusting, flaking, or having to re-season it all over again.

Remember to follow these steps and be careful when cleaning, so you don’t accidentally burn yourself. The cooktop will still be (and should be) hot while cleaning it. Use the proper tools and safety precautions, and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

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