Review of the Blackstone 28″ Griddle

You can throw out the matches, lighter fluid, charcoal, and the mess of a traditional grill when you choose to use the Blackstone 28-inch griddle. This propane-powered cooking companion helps you prepare everything from smash burgers and hotdogs to hibachi stir fry and so much more — all cooked to perfection.

You can also prepare what you cannot usually cook on a standard barbeque grill. Items like eggs (any way you and your guests like them), pancakes, tortillas, hash browns — anything you would traditionally cook on a stovetop you can cook on the Blackstone 28.

It has two independent burners that heat the heavy-duty steel cooktop to the temperature you need and the time required. There is no need to cook your steaks outdoors, for example, then rush into the house to cook your vegetables. Cook them both on the Blackstone 28 griddle.

We provide this Blackstone griddle review to help you make an intelligent buying decision. We go over the grill’s construction and design, so you get a good picture of the engineering and materials that go into the Blackstone 28’s manufacture.

We detail its cooking performance and abilities in this Blackstone 28 griddle review and finally give you the pros and cons about the Blackstone 28’s good points, as well as its reliability, design, performance, and portability.

Design and Construction

The Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station is expertly constructed of sturdy steel. The frame rests on its four legs, two of which have heavy-duty casters.

These, along with a handle on one side of the frame, make it easy to transport the Blackstone 28-inch where you need to move it for maximum convenience.

Two steel shelves, one on the side and one on the bottom, give you a place for food, hot pads, barbeque utensils, Blackstone griddle accessories, and dishes.

The flat top griddle is thick, ten-gauge, rolled steel, and features two independently-controlled propane burners with a built-in igniter. Each of the H-style burners puts out 17,000 BTUs of heat, which gives you a total of 34,000 BTUs so that you can grill almost anything.

Grease Management System

The Blackstone 28 features a new “grease management system” on the rear of the griddle. This system allows you to direct grease, an inevitable component of cooking on a flat surface, off and away from the cooktop quickly and easily. The result is faster cleanup and less mess when you cook.

Perhaps best of all, after you remove the cooktop, you can easily fold up the Blackstone 28 inch griddle and take it with you — to the campground, to the beach, to the fishing spot, to the hunting cabin, or to move it to another area on your property.

Except for the Blackstone griddle top and controls, the Blackstone 28 is black powder-coated for protection against rust, grime, and dirt. To clean the black surface, you use mild soap and water, which looks like new again.

Cooking Performance

The Blackstone 28 griddle’s cooking surface is made of heavy-duty steel for best heat retention and distribution. This means your food cooks more thoroughly and evenly. Cook and serve your favorites like hot dogs, steaks, burgers, and seafood.

Unlike most standard grills, the flat surface allows you also to prepare stir-fries, vegetables, eggs, pancakes, tortillas, and hash browns. So, in addition to lunch and dinner, you can invite your friends to an outdoor breakfast!

The two independently-controlled burners, adjustable from low to high, allow you to cook items at their correct temperature and for the duration they require.

The Blackstone 28 has 448 square inches of cooking surface, less than the Blackstone 36 inch griddle but still large enough to accommodate your smaller gatherings as well as your large get-togethers — as many as 10 people. At one time, it can cook up to:

  • 12 steaks
  • 18 burgers
  • 44 hot dogs


To clean the Blackstone griddle’s cooktop, you only need a handful of items to get the job done. Here’s what you’ll need:

Use the scraper or spatula and paper towels to clean the cooktop surface. Apply a small amount of water to the cooking surface if necessary to loosen any stuck-on food. After you have removed any food bits and excess grease, apply a thin layer of oil to the cooktop.

Spread the oil around the surface using the rag, and you are ready to cook again. (Be sure to use tongs or a heat-resistant glove!)

Size and Portability

The Blackstone 28 griddle is 44.5 inches long, 19.5 inches wide, 33.5 inches high, and weighs 75 pounds. 33.5 inches is high enough, so you don’t have to bend down while preparing and cooking your meals.

The 19.5-inch width provides enough cooking space but does not make you stretch to reach. And the grill is heavy enough at 75 pounds, so you don’t have to be concerned about it moving around or someone accidentally knocking the grill over.

If you like the features and style of the 28-inch, but want a larger flat top grill with a more expansive cooking surface, check out the Blackstone 36-inch griddle instead.

The Blackstone 28″ grill’s “fold and go” design makes it great for you to transport it to the best location in your yard or on your patio for grilling or to your favorite campsite. It’s incredibly portable, much more so than the 36-inch model.

With the Blackstone 28″ griddle, you can remove the top and collapse it down. It folds to a size that fits easily into the back of your SUV or the trunk of your car. When you arrive on site, it quickly sets back up so you can begin cooking ASAP. You spend less time cooking and cleaning up and more time with your friends and family enjoying the outdoors.

Speed and Versatility

Imagine your companions counting on you as the cook to prepare the meal on a hunting or fishing trip. No more frustration waiting for the charcoal to start up. You pull the Blackstone 28 out of your vehicle, quickly set it up, turn on the heat, and start cooking.

Blackstone burners

Your friends will also appreciate that you cook them what they like versus everyone having to eat the same thing just because a traditional grill can’t handle it. The Blackstone 28 Griddle makes you queen or king of the cooks.

Its dual burners also allow you to cook different foods at different temperatures simultaneously. If you’re cooking something that requires low heat, like eggs, you can do that on the left side while cooking something requiring high heat, like chicken or steak.

Pros and Cons

We’ll review the Blackstone 28″ griddle’s pros and cons to help you form a well-rounded opinion of the product. Please remember that not everyone has the same experience and that people have varying needs and preferences.


  • Dimensions: 44.5” long, 33.5” high, and 19.5” wide
  • Weight: 75 pounds
  • 448 square inches of cooking surface
  • 10 gauge rolled steel griddle top


  • All-steel construction for strength and durability
  • A black-powder finish that protects the steel surfaces
  • Thick cooktop for reliable, even heat
  • Two cook zones, independently controlled
  • Easy to fold up and transport


  • Some buyers have reported rusting
  • Occasional problems with the lighting mechanism
  • Assembly problems

The Blackstone 28’s cooktop is all rolled steel. It does not have a powdered black coating to protect it against rust like the other steel parts of the Blackstone griddle, so it’s important to protect the cooktop by cleaning it and applying oil after each cook. A hard and/or softcover is also advised.

Some buyers who live near the ocean have reported rust on the steel burners and the cooktop. This can occur on any uncoated steel item, but mainly if you use your grill near saltwater and salt-sea air. Note: You can remove rust and salvage your griddle, so don’t go throwing it away if you encounter this issue.

Blackstone has wholly re-designed the grease catch into a “grease management system” that addresses the dual issues of the catch being too small to handle the amount of grease in everyday cooking situations and the catch spilling grease on the grill’s legs.

Some buyers have reported the assembly instructions were missing. If you do not find your assembly instructions in the carton, contact Blackstone. They can send PDF versions of them to you immediately. Be aware that other people have complained that it takes more than a screwdriver and a wrench to assemble the grill, as the instructions indicate.

Final Thoughts

Propane griddle cooking is an easy, practical, and safe way to cook outdoors. With the Blackstone 28 Griddle, your steaks, burgers, and other meats cook to perfection, as do your vegetables and tortillas. You can also cook what was uncookable outdoors before: pancakes, eggs, omelets, hash browns, and even sandwiches!

The Blackstone 28’s flat cooktop provides you with a versatility impossible with a standard charcoal or propane grill. The new “grease management system” on this flat top grill helps you clean up quickly and with less mess. Throw in handy portability and solid construction, and you have a complete cooking package.

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