Top 7 Must Have Griddle Accessories

Must Have Griddle Accessories

When cooking on a gas griddle, it’s important to have the right tools for the job. There’s a surprising amount of accessories at your disposal and some are down right essential. We’ll cover the 7 most helpful tools to enhance your griddle cooking experience.

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1. Dual Spatulas

Spatulas Best Griddle Spatulasare essential when using your griddle and are your primary cooking tools. Without them, it’s like being in a row boat without your oars. Why two spatulas? Think of them as an extension of your hands.

Cooking with one is like cooking with one hand tied behind your back. If you’ve ever eaten at a teppanyaki restaurant like Benihana, you may have noticed the chef cooking with two spatulas to work his magic.

Cooking with two gives your more control and allows you to manipulate the food on the cooking surface more easily and efficiently. You can flip, fold, toss and chop your food as you’re cooking with ease.

If you’re looking for a set of spatulas check out our list of best griddle spatulas for some great options. If you love making delicious smash burgers then we’ve got your covered there too with our list of best spatulas for smash burgers.

2. Scraper

Blackstone Griddle ScrapresIf dual spatulas are your most important griddle tool, then the scraper would be the second most important. Griddle cooked food is delicious but it’s going to leave behind excess grease and food on the cooktop.

Even with a well seasoned flat top, some food is going to stick to the surface and need to be removed.

The scraper is the perfect tool for cleaning your flat top grill as your cooking and especially afterwards. Spatulas can do this too but are not as sturdy as a scraper and don’t do as good a job.

Spatulas are also more prone to bending or breaking so avoid using them for scraping when possible. You’ll need to clean your griddle top each time you cook on it so the scraper will be a tool you’ll be using very often.

If you want to see the best options out there take a look at our top 5 flat top grill scrapers.

3. Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat Resistant Griddle GloveAs you can imagine, the griddle surface is going to be piping hot and will have burning hot grease on it while cooking.

Many people have gotten very badly burned while cooking because they didn’t follow the necessary safety precautions.

This can be avoided by investing in a pair of heat resistant gloves. This will allow you to work your magic on the griddle without fear of serious injury. If you accidently touch the surface of the cooktop or get splattered by boiling hot grease, you’ll be protected.

In addition to general protection, they also make cleaning your griddle much easier. You can use tongs and paper towels to wipe down your cooktop to clean it and avoid burns but if you are using heat resistant gloves you can skip the tongs and do it much faster and more efficiently.

The glove will allow you to use your hand to wipe down the entire surface safely giving you great control. 

4. Infrared Thermometer

Griddle ThermometerKnowing the temperature of your griddle is extremely important. Different foods should be cooked at different temperatures and you can potentially ruin a dish if you’re cooking it at too high or too low a heat.

You may be able to adjust the temperature to high, medium or low but you won’t really know what the actual temperature is on the cooktop surface without a thermometer.

Infrared thermometers are the perfect tool because they give you an instant reading of the temperature wherever you’re aiming on the cooktop.

They also allow you to do this safely because you can can be pointing it at the surface from a safe distance. You can confirm whether the griddle has reached the appropriate temperature, still needs time to heat up or is too hot.

Knowing this information you can adjust the heat accordingly. Don’t burn your pancakes or eggs because you were cooking at too high a temperature.

Our two favorite options are the Cuisinart CSG-625 Infrared Thermometer and Etekcity’s Infrared Thermometer based on price and overall quality.

5. Squeeze Bottles

Blackstone Squeeze BottlesWhen you’re cooking on your flat top grill, you’re going to be working with oil and water. You’ll typically be using these during the cooking process as well as during the post cook cleanup.

Having squeeze bottles allows you to apply each of these to the griddle cooktop quickly and with greater control over how much is applied and where.

You don’t want to pour too much oil or water because it could ruin the food or possibly damage the griddle’s cooktop.

Another good feature is for applying sauces to your food. Similarly with the oil and water, you want to be able to apply the right amount of sauce, exactly where you want it.

Having the liquids you are cooking with in convenient squeeze bottles will make you’re life much easier when your operating your flat top grill. Our favorite option is the OXO Good Grips Chef’s Squeeze Bottle Set.

6: Griddle Press

Griddle PressOne of the great advantages to a griddle is the ability to press foods and get a nice even crust across the entire food surface. You can use the press to ensure maximum surface contact between your food and the hot cooktop.

Some foods have a tendency to curl up off the griddle’s cooktop (looking at your bacon.) By resting the griddle press on top, you can prevent this and keep your food flush against the cooktop.

Another way to use the griddle press is to preheat it on the flat top and then place it on top of your food. This will allow you to cook the food from both the top and the bottom at the same time.

This is a great option for foods like bacon, sausages, panini sandwiches and especially smash burgers. They come in different shapes and sizes  so you can see which style you prefer. If you want suggestions, check out our top 5 griddle presses.

7: Basting Cover

Griddle Basting CoverBasting covers can be a useful tool to have on hand for many foods. These stainless steel domes can be placed on top of foods to for a variety of benefits.

Many people like to use them when melting cheese onto burgers or other foods. Thick slices of cheese may not melt fast enough on their own.

You may end up overcooking the bottom of your burger or chicken before the cheese has had a chance to full melt.

To avoid this, after you lay sliced or shredded cheese onto your food, cover it with the basting cover and the heat and steam collecting underneath will melt the cheese much quicker.

Just because you’re cooking on a griddle doesn’t mean you can’t have steamed vegetables. Flat top grills are great for sautéing veggies but with a basting cover you can also steam them!

Place veggies like broccoli florets or green beans on your griddle, squirt water on them and then cover with the basting cover. The water will evaporate and steam cook the vegetables allowing you to have a healthy side without the extra oil involved.

Final Thoughts

These are the most popular griddle tools and accessories among the griddle cooking community. They allow folks cooking on their flat top grills to get the most out of their griddle and produce the best meals.

Many dishes can be prepared without these tools but having them certainly makes the process easier and can yield better results.

If you want more details on how to use all of these awesome tools, check out our article on how to use your flat top griddle tools and accessories. If you can’t get enough of tools and accessories for your griddle and want to know what else is out there, don’t miss our follow up article covering 8 more must have griddle accessories.

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